Yemeni parents know the value of minutes very well;
For, every ten minutes, a Yemeni child dies of starvation.
5.200.000 Yemeni children suffer from malnutrition.
The UN has warned that shortage of food in Yemen threatens the lives of 13 million people. Lise Grande, the UN Coordinator: if the war continues, world’s most lethal famine in 100 years will engulf Yemen.
By daily bombardments and strict siege on Yemen, Saudi Arabia and its allies have made it very hard for humanitarian aids to be delivered to the people. The “Yemen Not Alone” campaign, launched by some young people from around the world, managed to raise 5 thousand euros in its first phase, and 10 thousand euros in its second phase, thanks to the generosity of thousands of people from around the world. As it was promised, the money raised was spent on buying hundreds of infant formula cans, which were distributed among the families in need. Although in proportion to the 5 million starving children this amount seems small, with your donations, the aids can increase.

In the third phase, with your support, this campaign looks forward to raising 10,000 euros for buying infant formula cans for Yemeni babies.

Donate as much as possible to save more lives of Yemeni infants: